Sunday, March 23, 2008

Madness, Midnight Madness!

Los Jefes was lucky enough to make into the Midnight Madness: Back to Basics Game that's coming up in a couple of weeks (some info here and here). This is awesomeness! However, I'm afraid I may slowly be transitioning from excitement to delusion.

Yesterday morning, on the way from brunch at Hales to downtown, we passed this interesting old neon sign shop on Leary Way. I've always taken notice of the recovered neon signs they have strewn about, but as we were zipping by I could have sworn I saw the following sign (mildly Photoshopped to match my "sighting"):

Afterwards, I mentioned this amazing "Leon" sign to Donna a couple of times. However, she just looked at me a bit oddly and asked, "Are you sure it didn't just say neon?". Hmm, that actually made a lot more sense, but I could have sworn it said Leon, however improbable that might have been.

Well, turns out Donna was right and maybe I am a little just a little worked-up over the upcoming event:


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